Founded by Parents for Parents

When our founder’s first born joined kindergarten, she was worried everyday at work when it was time for her daughter to be dropped off home by the school bus. Oftentimes she did not know where the bus was and if it was late, she had to wait helplessly without being sure if her child was safe or if the bus had encountered a problem on the route. How could she get more visibility of her child’s journey home? Thus the idea for NoMa was born. Out of a need to provide peace of mind to other parents like her.

The Solution

Passionate and Driven Expertise

Our leadership team has decades of experience in transportation, logistics and development. We are committed to providing schools and parents with effective solutions from the start and continuously optimizing our service offering to tackle their evolving needs. We use our cutting edge technology and industry knowledge to stay ahead of the competition by being innovative, responsive and adaptive in our problem solving approach.

Backed by the Best

NoMa is proudly backed by world class investors who believe in our mission and are invested in driving us to achieve our mission across the transport, education, technology and clean energy sectors.

Our Values

We Are Driven To Serve

Customer Obsessed

We obsess about our customers' needs. We delight and wow them by going above and beyond. We work diligently to gain and keep their trust.

Think Big Execute Meticulously

We think big. We scale hurdles, and we invent new paths. We're never satisfied. We're agile. We're always moving; we're always delivering with speed.

Do Things The Right Way

We hold the highest integrity and always do what's right, regardless of what it takes.

Build Better Communities

We're committed to our mission of helping families and schools realize their full potential.